North West Bird Club Inc.

Wynyard, Tasmania, Australia

A small amount mixed in birds water container will stop algae from forming

Raspberry Syrup:

Bird Lice:

Place small amount of ground camomile in nest and cover, let birds finish nest off.

Make Camomile tea and spay cage/aviary, perches. Does Not Harm Birds.

How to attract birds to the garden:

The first step is to plant native trees and shrubs to provide food and shelter. You can leave out extra food, but experts warn against the birds becoming too tame or too dependent. They sugest you let the supply run out sometimes to force the birds to look for natural food. Try the following suggestions to make your garden attractive to native birds.

Bird Pudding:

A mixture of scraps including bread, bird seed, apple cores, breakfast cereal held together with melted dripping, set in a container. Use a long string with a button attached, like a wick down the centre. Hang out of reach of cats

Bird Feeder Recipes:

Nectar Liquids:

Disolve 450 gr. Brown sugar in 600 ml water. Refrigerate as this mix can ferment during hot weather. Small quantities (1 part heavy syrup to 2 parts water) put out every few days are best. Clean containers well before putting out each fresh mix. If you like, you can add a few drops of infant vitamin concentrate.


Parrot mixture from supermarkets or sunflower seed attracts native parrots if you are lucky enough to have them in your arrea.


Scraps of meat (and cheese) are welcomed by magpies, kookaburras and butcher birds if they live close to your home.

Solid Food:

Try mixing equal parts of dripping, brown sugar, rolled oats and dried ground peas, or hang up some suet in an onion bag.